Our Courses

Beginner Course

This course is for students from 5-7 years, or who have not studied the English language by students age group. This course is designed to help students learn letters, numbers and learn the connection between letters and their sounds. The course also aims to develop basic reading and writing skills by constructing and identifying single words and simple sentences. The course contains three levels for beginner’s session.

Junior Course

This course is for the age group (7-12 years). It is targeted to those who have some knowledge of the English language. Aimed at teaching English through fun and friendly sessions, the students are provided with a variety of activities. Tasks are focused on effective communication and the development of students' abilities in the English Language. There are five levels in this course as follows:

Senior Course

This course is for students in the age group (13-18) and older students. This course aims to develop students' abilities in English language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). This course is designed to suit the aspirations of young people and students to assert themselves through the overall development of their English language skills. This course contains five levels as follows:

Other Courses

We also provide Math tutuions for government school curriculum.